Perfect Brow Pencil

Manufacturer:Anastasia Beverly Hills
Product Code:Perfect Brow Pencil
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This pencil is a dual function product with a velvety tip on one end and a built in brow brush on the other. It is uniquely created to apply and blend color into the brow while achieving a natural look.


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Soft and smooth application
Easy to blend
Long lasting formula
Accurately lines on both moist and dry skin.
Velvety tip on one end and built-in brow brush on the other provide convenience and efficiency
Never results in a heavy brow look


Silica – Provides the pencil its smooth and silky texture. Smoothes the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores, and controls the oil and shine throughout the day.
Vitamin E – An anti-oxidant that is powerful in helping the skin fight damage caused by the effects of the environment.
Botanical Extracts (Aloe Vera, Soybean Oil, and Calendula Extract) – Soothes and calms the skin. Protects the skin from the elements of the environment.


Available in Blonde, Ash Blonde, Medium Ash, Ultimate Brown, Brunette and Strawburn


Using short strokes and a light touch fill in the brow and extend where needed.
Always sharpen before use when using the three lightest shades.
To finish overall look, always blend with the spooley for an overall natural finish.

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